Effects of Tobacco and Nicotine on Brains and Bodies

These are just some of the problems tobacco and nicotine can cause:


The nicotine in tobacco is what makes you addicted. When you smoke the effects wear off quickly. This makes you want to keep using tobacco again and again throughout the day. Most of the harm to the body is not from nicotine but from other chemicals that are in tobacco or made when burning it. The more your body and brain get addicted to the nicotine, the more tobacco you need to use to get it. It’s a bad cycle.

Lung Diseases

Cigarette smoke causes lung cancer and painful breathing diseases like emphysema. These diseases can happen to people who smoke, or to others around them who breathe in their smoke.

Bad Breath, Bad Teeth, Mouth Cancer

Cigarettes and other kinds of tobacco stain teeth and cause bad breath. Chewing tobacco can make teeth fall out and lead to cancer of the mouth.

Heart and Blood Problems

If you smoke, you’re more likely to have a heart attack or stroke.

Hurts Babies

If a pregnant woman uses tobacco, her baby might be born too early or too small. This can cause health problems for the baby.


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